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When mysterious gold shows up in the town of Goldfield, chaos quickly ensues, leaving it up to Sheriff Remington to find the truth behind the Woman of the Mountain.
Jason Wiechert
Bobbi Jeen Olson
Charlotte Lilt
Richard Anderson
Daniel Blunck
Sam Allen
John Viliott
Michelle Y. Allen
Anna Harr
Jeff McCarroll
Michael G. Coleman
Jim Coates
Ricky Cubillos
Tim Davis
Ryan Henry Johnston

Will Hirsch

Aaron Aylsworth

Executive Producers:
Rob “Heydude” Wiechert
Rick “Snuffy” Smith
Pam Smith
Cole Smith
Sara Smith
Cristi Holliday
Adam Holliday
Director of Photography:
Paulie Jorquera

Production Designer:
Megan Cottrell

Tyler Schneider

Sound Design:
Tyler Schneider
Megan Cottrell

Visual Effects:
Brian Tooker

Post Production:
BT Productions